K3TUF 160m - 1.25cm; 1.8MHz - 24,192MHz
in FN10we
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FlexWire Information
FlexWire Accessories for
1500, 3000 and 5000
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I2C and RF Matrix Relay Board!
Works with Flex 6000 Series

view of the top of the tower and the view east

View of the upper system; Nice to be above the trees


Rotating Tower System with top @ 160'

There are many more antennas now; need new picture; 2el 40m and 50' boom on 6m

One meter dish for 5 and 10 GHz @ 140'

432 Array pointing to W4DEX. 24GHz and Towertop boxes for Microwaves

Phil on the Tower

Bringing up the new VHF array

Tower Top Box for uW

I built and put this box into service in 2008, still working :-)

View of the Shack

Here's a view of the shack. Why do they call this wireless :-)

Fully automated operation from 160m-1.25cm. K3 and Flex5000

Microwave Array

The finishing touches, now if it only works

Self Supporting Tower going up

Self Supporting 180 foot Tower under Construction

Rotating Tower View

View from 155 feet on Rotating Tower

Rotating Tower View

More Horizon. Horizon all around

Self Supporting Tower going up

View East from 100 feet on Self Supporting Tower

New Tower going up

View North from 100 feet on Self Supporting Tower